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April 12th PodCast


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 Charlie & Milford 

 Duckwing Charlie & Milford

in the Duckwing amphibian  


Saturday, April 12, 2014


The Aviators of the Clear Blue Sky, FlightTime Radio Dynamic Duo… The Actual REAL hosts of Aviation Radio were in Deland, Florida at the New home of Renegade Light Sport. Doc cooked his annual pig for the Pig Roast… Thus the name… but it was not the annual pig, it was actually a new one. We had a good time and great guests!!


Saturday, April 5, 2014


Milford and Charlie were at the 40th annual Sun n Fun fly-in. What a beautiful few days!!… Blue Angels and an F-22 Raptor filled the sky with incredible shows each day. Aerobatics were performed by many other pilots and Milford ate ALL of the Amish donuts. Charlie was fortunate enough to get a hop in an AH-1 Cobra Attack Helicopter. The machine had been deployed to combat in Vietnam as well as Iraq. Guests on the show talked about AKG’s new pilot headphones, iPad navigation, Flying to the Bahamas and Doc with the first “Broken Wing” wounded vet student pilot….


Saturday, March 29, 2014


Charlie and Milford were in the Renegade Light Sport.com studio and had guests Ben Henderson and Jeff Skiles. Ben had been with us before. He received his Pilot License on his 16th birthday and had to have his dad drive him to the studio because he was too young to drive! Jeff Skiles was the co-pilot on the U. S. Air passenger plane that landed in the Hudson river following a disagreement with a skein of Canada geese!... No one really won that disagreement but everyone lived to tell about it.. Except the Skein… Look it up, it wasn’t a gaggle!!

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There is a LOT of aviation going on these days. Be sure to check out events to fly to this weekend. If you are NOT a pilot.... well, that can be fixed too! Listen each week and we will give you the information needed to become a pilot!

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